Hey guys, sorry about being a couple days late on this, but I was without internet access for most of the weekend, so… Here I am again, to announce our winners!

Winner number 1 was disqualified due to having posted two comments (sorry, it’s in the rules) so I had to choose a new one…

So, our winners are.,.. *Drumroll*

  1. Thomas – 24
  2. Louis – 45
  3. Peter Berki – 18
  4. Claire – 37

E-mail me (chris@daviswebtech.com) within the next week in order to claim your prize (or else I’ll have to select another winner). Don’t forget to include your address as well as the color/style of notebook you want, as wella s your 2nd and third choices (that way if another entrant has already claimed the color/style you want I know which one to send you)! Congratulations! and thanks again for reading Pens’n’Paper… 😀