So, I’m sure you’ve already been wondering… “What can I get that friend/family member/spouse/girl/boy-friend that’s a pen nut for Christmas?” Hopefully here in today’s post I can list a few items that have definitely topped my review list, as well as items that I haven’t reviewed but someday hope to. So, in each category, I’ll list my top pick of each type as well as link them to my blog post or even to a post on another pen enthusiast’s blog…




So, there you have it… A bunch of great items that would also make great gifts for the pen nut in your life. (Bt the way, I’m hankerin’ after the last two items, if anyone’s curious what I want… But if you do go with the JetPens gift card, my account is set up under my personal e-mail address, not my blog one, lol)… 😉