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As all of you know, I’m currently taking a sabbatical from reviewing pens and paper (although, to be totally honest, I’m finding it harder to do than I thought, lol)… I just wanted to post real quickly that you need to update your bookmarks for this blog before May 19th! The address will change and go under my personal domain. The new address of Pens’n’Paper will be: http://pens.daviswww.com .

Also, I just wanted to mention that NotebookStories is currently giving away an X17 notebook on their blog! Go check out the review and enter to win!

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Daycraft Illusions Notebooks and a Giveaway…


Daycraft Illusions Notebooks

Today, we have another set of notebooks to take a look at. These beautiful and interesting notebooks were provided by Mr. Foreal Lee of Daycraft in Honk Kong. He mentioned to me, after I had reviewed several of their other offerings, that the brand new Illusion series would be coming out in February, and asked whether or not I might like to give them a try. I gladly agreed, and here you have the review…

 The Illusions line consists of a small (more of a medium actually) and large notebook. The small notebook is 5.83″ wide x 8.27″ high (148 x 210 mm), while the large is 8.27″ wide x 11.69″ high (210 x 297 mm). Both notebooks contain 176 pages of 100 gsm white debossed linen paper which is narrow ruled (1/4″ or 6.5 mm) in the small notebook and wide ruled (11/32″ or 9 mm) in the large notebook. Both covers are laminated paper, printed with an illusory pattern. The small notebook has a wheel pattern which rotates when you defocus, while the large has a hidden heart on the cover.

The paper in these notebooks, I must admit, seems to be fantastic! It’s thick and I experienced very little bleedthrough or showthrough. Even the Sharpie, which normally bleeds through about anything, had a bit of trouble bleeding through this one! The lines interestingly end in alternating arrows, placing limits on the page. The only pen that experienced feathering was the Pilot Petit 1 in Wine Red, but even then, it wasn’t horribly bad.

Some other features include lay-flat binding, which actually seems to work very well, as well as a pocket in the back cover for notes. After taking a look and trying out these notebooks, I can highly recommend them to anyone who writes with a variety of different pens or fountain pens on a daily basis.

So,  I asked, and got permission to give away the large notebook. Since I haven’t had time to set up another Google form, for now just comment on this post and I’ll use Random.org to select the winner. Comment before Monday, March 7th @ 11:59 pm, and I’ll select and announce a winner on Tuesday, March 8th. One entry per person, and, unfortunately,  only open to people in the USA. Good luck folks! 🙂

Kikkerland Writersblok Giveaway Winners…

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Ok, so I’m making a note in my little pocket notebook not to schedule giveaways to end on days that I am horribly busy and have no time… 🙂 But anyhoo, we had a grand total of 40 people to sign up for the giveaway (although only 38 of them are eligible), so we’ll get right down to brass tacks! Can I get a drumroll please?

According to the Random.org number generator, our first winner is…#7, JoniB!

As for our second winner…

#20, Connie (onishii)

Anyhoo, you guys know the drill. Contact me within a week from the e-mail address you used to sign up on the form and I’ll ship out your notebooks! First-come-first-serve on colors… 🙂

Kikkerland Writersblok Medium/Small Notebooks


Kikkerland Writersblok Small/Medium  Notebooks

Thanks to the kindness of Laura from Kikkerland, I still have these fine notebooks as well as some Leuchtturm notebooks to take a look at, so today I plan on discussing the Writersbloks as well as giving two sets of them away at the end of the post!

So, in essence we have a small and medium version of the same notebook up for review today. The small notebook is 5.5″ tall x 3.5″ wide, while the medium is 8.25″ tall x 5.25″ wide. The rule is relatively small, being approximately the equivalent of college rule notebook paper. The paper itself is actually pretty thin, especially for a notebook. While pencils, ballpoints, and certain gel pens do well on this paper (I personally used a Pilot Frixion point on one for months with no issue at all), rollerballs, porous points, Sharpies, and fountain pens however, bleed through very quickly and easily.

The notebook itself features a card cover and a single 40-page signature (equaling out to 80 pages of writing space, 160 front-and-back) which is sown together through the cover. It also features a pocket in the back cover in which to store notes or other small slips of paper. Included is a label for the front of the notebooks (where a label “space” has been provided in the form of a raised rectangle) and a small card proffering some information about Writersblok, including the fact that 2% of their profits from the Writersblok notebook line go to the support of literacy and creative writing programs.

So, my opinions… The notebooks themselves are very handy to use for quick note taking or for a pocket notebook (the small size) or in any other use where you’re looking more for functionality instead of quality. As I mentioned, they don’t stand up very well to pens that use a larger quantity of ink, but when used as a quick-jot notebook, bleedthrough and showthrough are probably not huge issues. All-in-all, an excellent notebook for someone who’s on the go or who wants a notebook they can use without fear of messing up.

Laura, the rep from Kikkerland, also mentioned that these notebooks were made by Kikkerland to be affordable. Priced in 3-packs at $4.00 for the small, $7.00 for the medium, and $10.00 for the large, I believe they have achieved this goal. Laura also mentioned that, ”

We also donate 2% of sales to literacy programs such as WRITEGIRL and 826NYC…as well we donate hundreds of notebooks to these organizations for students to practice writing. This info is on the belly-band that goes around the sets of 3. We make very little on the notebooks, we just wanted to make them for fun, and for cheap.”

Click here for Kikkerland’s Writersblok product page, which contains more information about the purpose of these notebooks, as well as the charities they support.

So now, I’m planning on giving away two sets of these. I have a set of purple/blue-ish purple small and medium (the purple small cover’s color is a bit off) and a set of the sky blue small and medium. I’m trying a new giveaway format, which is still done by random.org, but will use the Google form below. Just fill in the name you want to be known by, your e-mail, your color preference, and if you wish, any comments or questions. The giveaway will end on Friday, February 18th, at 11:59 PM EST, and the two winners will be selected and announced on Saturday, February 19th.

Click Here to be taken to the Google Docs Entry Form…

  • The usual rules apply:
    • 1.) One entry per person, please.
    • 2.) I can only afford to ship in the US at this time.
    • 3.) Contest will end Friday, February 18th at 11:59 PM EST
    • 4.) Two winners will be chosen at random from the entries receive using random.org’s random number generator and the winners will be posted on Saturday, February 19th. If a winner does not reply to my e-mail within a week, another winner will be selected.

Good Luck!

Note: I am not an employee nor and I am in any way affiliated with Kikkerland. This review is in no way affected by the fact that this item was a free sample from Kikkerland.

Pilot G-2 0.7mm Assorted Gel Pens (4-pk.) Giveaway


Well, not much of a post today (at least not yet), but I did want to tell all of you about a giveaway I’m having on Twitter! Just come and follow me on Twitter (PensnPaper) and tweet how you would use a 4-pack of assorted color (black, blue, red, and green) Pilot G-2 0.7mm Gel Pens along with the hashtag #G2Giveaway by 11:59 EST tonight (Saturday, January 15th) and you’ll be entered. A winner will be chose from the entrants by the Random Number Generator at Random.org (picked from the oldest comment to the newest)… Good luck! 😀

Kikkerland Writersblok Bamboo Giveaway Winners


Hey guys, sorry about being a couple days late on this, but I was without internet access for most of the weekend, so… Here I am again, to announce our winners!

Winner number 1 was disqualified due to having posted two comments (sorry, it’s in the rules) so I had to choose a new one…

So, our winners are.,.. *Drumroll*

  1. Thomas – 24
  2. Louis – 45
  3. Peter Berki – 18
  4. Claire – 37

E-mail me (chris@daviswebtech.com) within the next week in order to claim your prize (or else I’ll have to select another winner). Don’t forget to include your address as well as the color/style of notebook you want, as wella s your 2nd and third choices (that way if another entrant has already claimed the color/style you want I know which one to send you)! Congratulations! and thanks again for reading Pens’n’Paper… 😀

Kikkerland Retro Pens and Magnifiers Giveaway Winners


And we have the winners of our magnifiers/retro pens giveaway!

So, our winners, according to random.org are:

  1. trapperhoney – Magnifying glass bookmark and pen
  2. Joseph – Camera bookmark and pen
  3. ThirdeYe – two pens
  4. Alex W. – two pens
  5. Randell Newnham – two pens

Congratulations guys! Make sure you shoot me an e-mail within the next week in order to claim your prize… 🙂

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