Gartner Stone Papers Journals


Today, we’re going to take a look at Gartner Studio’s Stone Papers Journals. These small books (4.75″ x 6.25″) feature an interesting feature… The paper inside is made of polypropylene coated limestone, and is waterproof and tear-resistant! So, are there any shortcomings to such an awesome idea as that? Yes, there are; but, perhaps the benefits outweigh the shortcomings?

One thing I noticed about this notebooks is that the paper is extremely smooth. There is absolutely no drag at all, either when you run your finger over it or actually write on it with any type of pen, and while it does have  little bit of a sheen, it’s still easy on the eyes. As you can see in the photos below, I tried a bunch of pens on it (almost every one I had with me at the time), and I can honestly say that there was no bleedthrough at all… My problem, however, lies in that fact that any type of liquid ink (rollerball, felt tip, fountain pen, and even Sharpie) just rolled onto the page, feathered, and spread. So, while it worked great for ballpoints and gel pens, liquid ink pens are out of the question.

Definitely an interesting offer from Gartner, and a must-have for anyone who is worried about the durability of their paper when they’re on the go (camping, hiking, hunting, outdoorsy people – this notebook is for you)!


Bloc Rhodia No. 11 Graph Paper Pad


Bloc Rhodia No. 11 Graph Paper Pad

So, imagine my surprise the other day, while I was on vacation, when I visited the Target in North Myrtle Beach and found that they stocked several Rhodia products! Needless to say, I quickly grabbed up one or two of each product that they carried (two No. 11 graph pads, one reverse pad, and one a5 stapled lined notebook) and walked out of the store one very happy blogger. The one up for review today is the Bloc No. 11 Top Staplebound Graph Paper Pad, which I also used in the review Tuesday. The notebook itself is a7, which is 2.9″ x 4.1″ (7.4 x 10.5 cm), but the paper, which is perforated, is actually 2-3/4″ x 3-1/2″ (6.985 x 8.89 mm) with 3/16″ (4.7625 mm) square grid graph (which is listed as 5 x 5 mm on the pad itself).

Titled “The French Orange Notebooks with a cult following”, the Rhodia notebook line was actually at first a sideline product, but eventually gained notoriety for its high quality paper and high standards of excellence. Each Rhodia pad features a card cover, which is “perfectly waterproof and flexible” and is scored to fold back over the back (see the photo in the photo gallery below). The paper itself is superfine 80g white vellum with a smooth satin finish printed with violet lines, and it stands up very, very well to fountain pens with almost no showthrough and absolutely no bleedthrough! Did I mention that there were 80 pages and that they’re micro-perforated?

I must admit that I was impressed with this little notebook. I used almost every fountain pen/ink combination I had on hand with it, and not a single one had a bit of bleedthrough and there was very little showthrough (I could’ve easily written on the backside with no interference from the ink on the front). The only “pens” this paper had any trouble with was, of course, the ultra fine point and regular Sharpie markers (but this is nothing new). I can definitely say that once my two pads (I got one orange and one black) run out that I will purchase more online, or perhaps even in my local Target!

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