As some of you know, I bought a new camera recently. My old Casio Exilim that I had owned for 5-6 years was finally deciding to quit on me, so I started looking for a new point-and-shoot. “Why didn’t you get a DSLR?” Well, thanks for asking. It all comes down to cash and portability. Firstly, I couldn’t afford a decent DSLR, however, I could afford a decent/high range point-and-shoot. Secondly, I need something that’s portable and doesn’t require me to carry it in its own case. I actually carry my point-and-shoot inside a “flash drive” case inside a pocket of my backpack.

So, I browsed around my local BestBuy and found what looked to me like a decent deal. I grabbed myself a Sony Cyber-shot H55 for $179.99, and have been an extremely happy camper ever since. Featuring 14.1 megapixels, 10x optical zoom, a 3.0″ LCD screen, and a bunch of other features, this camera has been a blast to use, and one of the best investments I’ve made in a while.

That brings me to the topic of my post. While I love taking pictures for my blog with my camera, the pictures just weren’t up to the quality standards I would’ve liked them to be. Plus, there was really only one good place to take the pictures I needed, and that was at my work under a dual fluorescent lamp I have there. So, I decided to get a lightbox. I looked around online and found some cheap ones for anywhere from $40-100, but most of the reviews on them said to avoid them like the plague because they were cheap, Chinese-manufactured items that disintegrated quickly. I didn’t really like the sound of that, so I moved on to my second thought… I could make my own photography lightbox.

So, I looked up some instructions (here, for anyone who’s interested), went and purchased the materials, and began to construct my own DIY-Photographic Lightbox. Basically, it boils down to several pieces of foam-core presentation board, masking tape, a shop light, and two different flood lamp bulbs (45w and 60w, which may be replaced by a bulb with a more “white” quality). So, I now have my own little photographic lightbox…

So, what do you think? Opinions, comments, questions?