No, I’m not quitting Pens’n’Paper, but I am working on a new project! I’m trying to setup and run a custom social network just for us stationary enthusiasts… Now, don’t shut me down before you continue reading a bit.

The Stationary Network was born from an idea of mine (currently being tested using’s social network software) to create a network of stationery bloggers, writers, retailers, and manufacturers who share information, reviews, photos, sneak peeks, deals, and other stationery information without relying on the social giants.

I thought about trying it out on Facebook, but didn’t want to be bogged down by the HUMONGOUS amount of “personal fluff” that is proffered along with the stationery goodness.

I thought about a Twitter group (using a hashtag, ie. #snw for Stationery Network), but knocked it down for the exact same reason.

So, I set up The Stationery Network ( as a test to see whether a.) anyone would be interested, and b.) whether the idea would ultimately work.

So, feel free to mosey on over and check it out! As I mentioned, it’s currently in development/growth, so, we’ll see how it goes!