The first thing I noticed as I was handed extraordinary pencil, was that it was flat. Almost as flat a carpenter’s pencil, but a little rounder. And then looking closer, I noticed that the lead too was rectangular and flat. I could see already by the package that this was no ordinary pencil. No this was a Zebra MLP2 (Mechanical Lead Pencil) test taking pencil. I paused while looking at the package to ask my favoritest Pens’n’Paper expert, “What in the world is a test taking pencil?” He smiled and told me to look it up and write about it and he would give it to me to keep… Or if I wanted it I could just have it anyways (spoiled huh?) So, I looked it up, and I found that it’s number one use is for filling in answer bubbles on tests and quizzes, making your answers heavy and dark without making a hole in the paper. I also found that some people like to draw and sketch with the MLP2 as it works well for shading and has an interesting 3D effect when turned sideways. So, Anyways it was very handy to have around while studying for my GED…until I lost it. Having found it recently I shall describe it in further detail.
The Zebra MLP2 is little heavier than an ordinary mechanical pencil but very sturdy and well assembled. It would be close at hand if you really need something to chew on if you were in a jam (although I wouldn’t advise it). It fits nicely in the hand and doesn’t slide out too much. I find it would be so much better if it were to have some kind of grip to keep your hold and give added comfort, but, oh well.
The lead is kinda smudgy, but I suppose it’s supposed to be a little smudgy so that it will entirely fill up the answer bubble? The MLP2 comes with a container of lead refills and two extra erasers. The eraser works well, but the heavier you mark the harder it is to erase. And the more you erase the harder it is for you to remove the eraser and refill your pencil with new lead. All in all I really did like it and still use it often.

Chris: So there you have another review from Sarah. Hope you guys enjoyed it! 🙂