Today’s post is just a short review of a pen set I found around Christmas time. This JML Classic Pen set just kind of called my name as I passed it while walking through the aisles of Kmart, and it was only $15.00 (plus it was an “as seen on TV” product), so I scooped it up. The set includes 5 different pens, which includes a micro ball point, 0.5mm “propelling pencil”, two-color pen, ballpoint, rollerball, and a fountain pen with an “virtually indestructable nib” (and yes, they do have a video showing them using it as a dart and other “impossible” feats at, as well as as a 66 piece refill kit (30 pieces of which is the lead for the pencil).

As for the pens themselves… They’re actually not that bad (Wait! Hear me out before you call me a heretic!)… For the money. Am I saying that I love them and that I want to use them every day until I die? No… But, as a set of pens to use at my desk at work where I’m constantly afraid of people stealing my good pens, these are a perfect fit. First, they’re a set, and if anyone else winds up with one and that one happens to be missing from mine, that’s pretty damning evidence in my book.

The pens are crafted from brushed stainless with “gold” what appears to be brass accents. The ballpoints are a little scracthy, but no worse than your everyday Bic pen. The “propelling pencil” is standard. The rollerball is standard, although I do like the fact that there is a spring behind the refill that actually gives the pen some firm bounce and feedback as you write. The fountain pen is actually decent for a cheap pen with an “virtually indestructible nib” (and no I didn’t and am not going to test that claim). As I mentioned, not the best set of pens I’ve ever seen, but still not bad either, especially for $15.00.

Now, on to the other business of the day. I’ve decided to set up a schedule for posting, rather than just random posting whenever I get the time. So, from now on (at least until I get sick of it), there will be regular posts on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. That doesn’t mean I’ll not be posting at all in between, but just that I will have posts scheduled and ready to go on each of those days (ie. there’s a Rhodia review scheduled for tomorrow morning at 7:30 EST). Sound like a plan? Let me know what you think in the comments section below!