So, I had several “resolutions” that I wanted to make this year, and I thought I might try to post the ones that pertained to this blog on here. I guess I’m hoping in some way that posting it for the masses to read will help make me more accountable in some way.

1.)  I resolve to blog more regularly.
Methods to achieve:
a.) Prepare posts in advance/have several posts ready for when I’m not able to prepare a post.
b.) Setup a posting schedule (ie. Reviews on Tuesday and Thursday and then something on Saturday)

2.) I resolve to carry around less stuff with me.
For the past several years, I have constantly carried around a backpack full of stuff with me. THe main reason for this was because of school, then having ot carry my laptop around with me (which I use everyday). Now, that’s not really my problem. My problem lies in the fact that in addition to my laptop and power cable, I have also been carrying 3-5 notebooks, a padfolio, camera, tripod, 30-40 pens (no joke, lol), a reporters notebook, planner, mouse and mouse pad, external hard drive, and a host of other things. While some of these items are necessary, most of them are not. So, I plan to reduce the amount of stuff I carry with me significantly.
Methods to achieve:
a.) Cut down the amount of stuff I carry.
b.) Carry only the pens that will fit in my Nomadic Side Pocket Pencil Case (10-20 pens)
c.) Carry only my padfolio (with Doane Paper of course), 1 notebook, and my Exacompta Journal 21 Planner
That should help me cut down on a lot of my carry-on weight…

Now, the question is… Can I do it?