Pentel Sunburst Metallic Pink Medium Gel Pen

Today, I have a pen that I received in a Thanksgiving Giveaway from Pentel. While pink is not at all my color (I usually give all my pink and purple pens to my girlfriend), I thought I might at least give this gel pen a quick look and tell you guys what I thought.

As I mentioned the pen writes with a glittery metallic pink ink. The pen body itself is actually (as far as I know) a RVSP in pink with a gel refill. The grip is comfortable (and looks just like the RSVP), and the only problem I really had with this pen (other than the pink) was the fact that it was a little scratchy, especially for a medium (about a 1.0 mm) pen. Still, pretty decent, since it was a freebie… 😉