Exaclair Exacompta Prestige Journal 21 Daily Planner 2011

So, up for review today we have the excellent Journal 21 daily planner from Exacompta! A sample sent to me by the Amazing Karen of Exaclair (for which I am very grateful), I actually plan on using this planner for the next year, so some of this review will be ongoing. The main purpose of this initial review is to point out all of the features included in the Journal 21.

The Journal 21 I received features the Soya cover, a smooth, supple leather-like material which is saddle stitched. While the cover is nice, the journal itself is the star of our review today.

The little slip-cover insert included states the following:

  • Refillable
  • 8 am – 9 pm
  • Rules with monthly tabs
  • Yearly planning
  • 15 months monthly planner
  • Address pages
  • Tear-off corners
  • Sewn binding opens flat
  • Superior quality 72 gsm tinted paper
  • PEFC certified
  • Acid and chlorine free paper
  • Made in the USA

Yes, there is a reason I bolded that last point. Exacompta is proud of the fact that they manufacture their products here in the US, unlike many other manufacturers which have out-sourced their production overseas. I respect them all the more for this point and wanted to make sure I mentioned it.

The first several pages features an information page, US and major world holidays, telephone access codes, and time zones. Directly following them are the three semi-annual planning pages (July-Dec. 2010, Jan.-June 2011, and July-Dec. 2011). These are followed by the monthly planning pages which cover November 2010 – February 2012.

Finally we reach the crowning feature of this fine planner, the day-to-day planning section. This part features a whole page for each day with a  line for each half-hour from 8 am to 9 pm. At the top of the page is the day of the week, the number date, and the month. Directly below on the left it tells you which week of the year it is as well as what day (counting backwards and forward). Directly across the page is a miniature calendar of the current month as well. This format looks beautiful, and I really am excited about getting to use it, but there is one thing that irks me slightly… The tear-off corner is extremely close to the 9 pm designation (which is really not a major issue, just a nitpicky editing issue).

After the day-to-day section is a two page spread yearly planner for 2012, which features a small block for each day. Last, but not least, is an address book, for you to jot down those important numbers before you forget them… Again…

As I mentioned in the beginning, this is an excellent and beautiful product, and I can’t wait to begin using it and being able to provide some more feedback throughout the year!

Note: I am not an employee nor and I am in any way affiliated with Execlair or Quo Vadis. This review is in no way affected by the fact that this item was a free sample from Execlair.