“Pictures first, then the review? Have you gone mad!?” Maybe, maybe not… It’s just been that kind of day around here today, lol… Up for review today are Kikkerland Retro Pens as well as two different magnifier bookmarks sent to me by the lovely Laura… The book magnifiers are cute, one being a camera and one being a magnifying glass, and seem to be rather useful (although I don’t really have a use for them as of yet, since I’m not that blind) for seeing small type as well as keeping one’s place in a book.

The pens, however, were a bit of a disappointment. While the design truly was interesting, the quality of these pens did not impress me. The aesthetics truly were wonderful. I looked at them and was instantly reminded of the pens given out by churches, banks, and other institutions, back when they weren’t so stingy with their promotional products. The plastic body colors were randomly contrasted, and the only branding was a small Kikkerland stamp on the slip.

The problem started when I tried to write with them… The ballpoint was scratchy, something that I didn’t really expect, but no matter what paper I tried it on, the metal around the ball kept catching and trying to tear the paper. As I mentioned before, I was disappointed, since I was expecting a little bit more quality from a designer/distributor of fine products.

Don’t believe me? Well, here’s your chance to find out for yourself! I’m going to be giving away the two magnifiers, as well as all of the “Retro Pens”… So, the rules are that the first two people chosen will get a magnifier and a pen. The other three winners will be sent a retro pen and a random pen I happen to have in my stash (so you never know what’cha gonna get 😉 ).  Now, for the rest of the nominal rules…

Giveaway Rules:

1. Leave one comment on this post anytime between now, and Mondaynight (November 15th) at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.  You are limited to one entry. If you know someone who might be interested, feel free to direct them here!

2. For this contest, I will pick one winner at random from the comments section of this post.  The comments will be numbered in the order they are received, i.e. the first comment is #1, the second #2, and so on.  The Random Integer Generator at random.org will be used to pick the number of the winner.

3. The contest winner will be posted on Tuesday, November 16th.  The winner will have one week to email me at the address posted in the “Contact Info…” section of the right sidebar. If the winner does not e-mail me within a week, I will post a new winner the next day…

4. As of this time, I cannot ship internationally, so this content is open to US residents only. I will pay shipping to anywhere in the United States…

Good Luck!

Note: I am not an employee nor and I am in any way affiliated with Kikkerland or Leuchtturm1917. This review is in no way affected by the fact that this item was a free sample from Kikkerland.