So, I had someone ask me recently what my top three pens were. And to be honest, I had to stop and think… Top three? Top five? Never thought about it before… So, here listed below are the top five pens that I’ve reviewed since this blog’s inception… (Click on the links to open a new page to the original review)

#1. Platinum Preppy “Modded” with Parker Blue-Black Quink
#2. Sailor Recruit Fountain Pen (Now “Modded” with Noodler’s Bulletproof Lexington Grey Ink)
#3. Pilot G-2 0.38mm Gel Pen (My opinion has changed since my review, btw…)
#4. Pilot 2-Sided Brush Pen (Black/Grey) Hard-Tipped
#5. Uni Style-Fit Single Body (0.5mm Brown and 0.38mm Blue-Black)

So, there you have them… Expect to see another short informational post from me sometime today/tonight (or tomorrow morning at the latest 😉 )…