Sanford Sharpie Caribbean Colors – Stingray, Surf, Flamingo, Lime Daiquiri, and Coconut

Some more random Sharpie colors! Saw these at OfficeMax the other day, and since I had $20 of free stuff to pick out (thanks to their new rewards program) I grabbed these up. I am kind of curious, is Sharpie going to continue coming out with these seasonally, or are these just two batches that they decided to randomly add to their line?

I must admit, that I love a couple of the colors in this set… While you can’t see it very well in the photos, the Surf color is a very vibrant blue, and the Coconut is a creamy light brown (not really coconut colored, per se, but still a beautiful color none-the-less). The Flamingo is a little off in my opinion. It looks more orange than pink, but YMMV. The Lime Daiquiri was very bright. At first, it looked almost neon, but then it calmed down after it dried on the paper. Another beautiful set of colors from Sanford Sharpie!