Well, where to start? Ya’ll have a new blogger today…. My Sweetheart said I could have a notebook if I were to help him out by telling him what I thought of it and writing about it for him. But he didn’t give me just any old notebook to write about, he gave me a beautiful, white, pocket-sized Leuchtturm1917. I can already tell that a couple of you are jealous of this privilege (hehe)…

However, I am nervous in stating my opinion since, (1) I’ve never blogged before, (2) this is the nicest notebook I’ve ever had (since the Piccadilly he got me for Christmas), so I have nothing to compare it to, and (3) I’ve heard through a very reliable source that there are a lot of people visiting Pens’n’Paper, and I don’t want to make the numbers go down… So ya’ll bear with me and forgive this amateur blogger if I mess up… I’ll just tell you what I see.

The notebook, of course, is small and light. It’s compactness seems to make it easy to carry around without it taking up any room and quickly pull out to jot down notes. The hard cover is perfect to put in a purse (or pocket) without the worry of it being bent into a crescent shape (thus leaving a crease in your paper). A clear, bright white in color, it looks defined and neat (although as far as I know it comes in a variety of colors ranging from blue, green, black, and red). The elastic closure is to me the best part since I don’t like my pages to curl up or dog ear.

The inside holds all kinds of interesting things, such as numbered pages, a table of contents where you can write in the page number and name the topic for easy access to your last note, dotted pages (a new one for me) to make my writing look neater, and a silky white ribbon to mark where you left off last. The ink-proof pages though, like My Sweetheart said, were, um… Not so good. It’s fine if you let the ink dry for a couple of minutes but that would indeed imply that the pages are not ink proof and that they are like any other notebook paper (however I won’t say much about that since all I used was a Signo Gelstick)… All in all a very neat little book!

Just an afternote (from Chris): Our guest reviewer today was the wonderful young lady who I’ve been courting for the past seven months whose name happens to be Sarah… She was very kind to review this notebook, and hopefully (if people say enough nice things about her review and give her some encouragement – comments and friendly critique welcome below) we might be able to get her back to do some more for us. She claims that she doesn’t know enough about this kind of stuff to write for Pens’n’Paper, but I think she did a pretty good job for her first time!

Note: Neither Sarah nor I are employees or and in any way affiliated with Kikkerland or Leuchtturm1917. This review is in no way affected by the fact that this item was a free sample from Kikkerland.