Pentel Handy-line S and Staedtler Textsurfer classic

So, today we have two different highlighters up for review… I found both of these at my college bookstore on the clearance rack for $.99 (a price that can’t be beat for a college student) and decided that I might just try them out. By the way, this is in no way a comparative review, but a review of two different brands/types of highlighters.

So, let’s start with the Pentel Handy-line S. This highlighter belongs to Pentel’s retractable marker line, which offers retractable permanent markers, whiteboard markers, and highlighters. These highlighters claim to be ecologically sound and feature retractability as well as being refillable. The retractable mechanism uses the feature of a revolving circular piece of plastic to close (and perhaps make slightly airtight) the chamber where the tip and reserve is located. While I have not been able to test the effectiveness of this mechanism, these have been out of the package on my desk for about two weeks and they still work great.

The second up for review is the Staedtler Textsurfer classic. I’m not sure the point and purpose behind these highlighters, but I do know that Staedtler is a well-respected name in stationery products across the pond. Steadtler claims that the Textsurfer classic is ink-jet, photocopy, fax, carbon copy, and computer print-out safe, as well an ecologically sound due to the fact that it is refillable using their ink refill station.

So, how did they do? See for yourself (click to enlarge):

The scan doesn’t really do the paper justice, because on the scan it’s hard to see that both highlighters smudged the writing they were used on, to the point that they both took on a bit of the color of ink. They worked best on the laser print and ballpoint, but smeared all the other pens and pencil that were used. Not really all that impressive in my eyes. I thought about trying them out on one of my textbooks, but then decided against it. I’ve gone two and a half years without writing in any of my college books, why start now? Out of the two, I must admit that I like the Pentel the best, possibly because of its reatractability and size. The Steadtler just seems a bit bulky to me…