Papermate Berol Mirado Triangular Grade 2 Pencil

As I was going through my local Big Lots the other day (a great place to find oddball and out-of-the-way pens and such, btw), I noticed some more “Mirado” pencils… Not only that, but they were Berol Mirado pencils. And not only that, they were triangular in shape. Add to those facts that the packaging was in Spanish and they were only $1.00, and you have what sounds like a winner to me. So, I grabbed a pack, and promptly forgot about them…

So, this morning, I was cleaning out my work desk drawer, and imagine my surprise when I found these again. So, I pulled them out, opened them up, and began to test one out.

The triangular barrel is not really a foreign concept to me, and to be totally honest, I don’t really like most of them. For some reason, they seem to conflict with left-handed writing style. These were no exception to the rule and I had a bit of writer’s cramp by the time I finished the review.

These pencils sharpened pretty well, a little grainy feeling, but the triangular shape did disagree with my pencil sharpener a bit until it had honed the wood down to its circular normalcy. I’m not sure what type of wood these are made out of, but it does seem to be sub-par. Both slats are slightly different colors and it seems to sharpen against the grain.

So, how does it write? Meh… Yup, you read that right… “Meh…” This pencil is not really fabulous in any respect. I could easily compare it to any dollar store pencil I’ve ever grabbed. Add to that the fact that eraser is small compared to your normal average pencil, and yeah… You get “Meh…”. If I remember correctly, Berol used to be a well-respected name in the pencil world, but this failed to wow me in any respect. Maybe due to the fact that it was quickly manufactured in bulk in Mexico…