Yup, time for another one of these posts… I’ve been looking over my blog for the past couple weeks and I’ve noticed a couple things… First of all, I haven’t been posting horribly regularly. Mostly, I post one day, don’t post for 3-4 days, then post two days in a row to make up for my missing, then don’t post for another 3 days… I see a vicious cycle beginning, and it’s not one that I’m proud of. I feel that in having such long breaks in between my posts that I’m doing a disservice to my readers, who come looking for new content and discover the same old post from last time. When I started this blog, I wanted to try to post once a day if at all possible, but since I’m carrying a full college schedule and working a job, I don’t have as much time as I would like to put into this blog…

Which leads me to my second point. I’ve not been using my nice little “rating sheet” or even giving scores to things. The reason for this is the amount of time it takes to fill out a sheet and scan it in and edit it so that the ink color looks relatively the same as in real life. Add to that the time it takes to take photos, crop and edit them, and then upload them and I’ve easily put in a half hour before I even start thinking about what to write for the review… Overkill a bit? I think so…Β  So, in order to solve this problem, I’m debating on removing all reference to any type of scoring system and letting the pens, pencils, paper, and notebooks speak for themselves. I’m really torn over whether or not to do it (although I’m leaning toward the removal), so I am putting the question out to you… What would you like to see? While I do write this blog in part for my personal enjoyment (because I truly do love what I write about), I also do it in order to help out my readers. Do the ratings/rate sheets help you guys, or are the inconsequential? As you might’ve noticed (in example the Derwent pencil post) that I’ve been trying to put a bit more information in the posts rather than just opinions and fluff. Is that a good thing, or would you rather me go back to the simple, quick review format?

Next, I’ve been debating about changing the design of the blog… When I saw PenAddict change, I had a twinge of sudden jealousy… πŸ˜‰Β But the question is, is it time for a change, or would you guys rather I left it the way it is?

Please, use the comment section below to post your thoughts, ideas, critiques, etc… πŸ™‚

Also, an awesome pic directed to me on Twitter (feel free to follow the blog, btw, just click on the nice little twitter icon up at the top or follow @PensnPaper) by the Zebra Pen Company (@ZebraPen) had me excited this morning, so I thought I’d share it with you guys too (click for larger size)…

Zebra V-301 Stainless Steel Fountain Pen