Paperchase A7 Kraft “Reporter’s Notebook”

A unique brand of notebook once available only in the United Kingdom, Paperchase has just recently made their products available to the US market through several retail stores (I found mine at Borders) as well as through international shipping in their online store.

The thing that caught my attention about this notebook was the fact that it has a Kraft board cover, allowing for intense customization, should the owner feel like it. The elastic strap is riveted to the backboard and is relatively sturdy, holding the notebook closed during travel. The one complaint I had is that the rivets were slightly rusted on the inside, leaving some residue on the last page. I’m not sure whether this was due to moisture during travel from Poland (where it was manufactured) to the UK, then to the US, or from some other anomaly. The A7 “Reporter’s Notebook features a dual-wire binding, which seems to hold up well under strain.

The paper is rather mediocre, reminiscent of thin college ruled notebook paper. The lines are spaced approximately 1/4” (7mm) apart and the top and bottom lines are a bit darker than the others, providing a border of sorts. The paper did stand up pretty well to all the pens I tried on it, with the exception of the Sharpies and the Noodler’s Bulletproof Lexington Grey fountain pen ink(see photos toward the end of post for reference).

All-in-all, a handy little pocket notebook useful to anyone who is on the go and need to jot something down..

I apologize for the brusqueness of this post, but I had a timeline to write/post this one in, so I got through it quickly. In order to balance out my brusqueness, I present you with a spoiler of things to come on Pens’n’Paper: