So, I figured it might be time for another perspective post regarding something I notice every once in a while. When I ask, “What does your pen say about you?”, what comes to mind? How about, “Are you worthy of your pen?” Both of these questions have run through my mind stemming from one very simple thought. Do you use/own the pen you have because it writes well and you enjoy using it, or is it a status symbol?

Let me be the first to say, I have no problem with owning an expensive pen. I don’t happen to own any (the most expensive one I have ever purchased was a $15 Sailor Recruit from JetPens), but that’s due to my monetary station not my desire. If you happen to like Watermans, Parkers, or Montblancs, by all means, go and splurge on one for yourself. But I do have a problem if you’re buying them simply as a “look at me” sort of thing.

This topic came to mind because of the fact that I attend a prestigious private college (University of Charleston, for those who are curious) which holds events all the time (forums, business meetings, luncheons, dinners, etc.) and garners the attention of the “upper crust” of Charleston, WV (if there is truly such a thing in as “upper crust” in West Virginia). At one of these functions (a forum on energy) I happened to notice some of the people in the crowd as well as their choice of writing utensil (yes, I’m a pen nut, it’s what I do… I can identify a lot of pens by sight now, lol). A few rows away, a business executive had his padfolio (100% leather I’m sure) and a Montblanc fountain pen stuck in his pocket… He did not open his padfolio or remove his pen from his front jacket pocket the whole evening. In contrast, to my left, was another business executive who, as the forum progressed, scribble incessantly in a 99-cent pocket memo book with a *gasp* Bic stic ballpoint!

I say all that to say this… I respected the man using the Bic ten times more than the man who carried a Montblanc and never once used it. The man with the cheap ballpoint and memobook was there to learn/report on something and he chose a writing utensil well suited to his task. Could he own a Waterman that he uses to write important correspondence? Sure… Do I hold that against him? No… Instead of using his writing utensil as a status symbol, he used it for the purpose that it was designed for… The fine art of writing.

“Are You Worthy of Your Pen?”