At-A-Glance Planning Notebook, With Circle The Date and “Hot” Reminders…

I got this notebook at the beginning of last semester of college and have used it a little bit since then. The At-A-Glance Planning Notebook features their “Circle the Date” planning system in which you circle the month, day, and then write in the year, allowing this notebook to span over a long time (a good thing for a college student, I assure you). I used a bit of this notebook while I was working on the college newspaper, using the date system to note when I wrote a story or took notes and used the “hot” reminder section to note photos taken and quickly jotted information/sources.

This was actually the first At-A-Glance product that I have owned, although I do remember the grading books that my teachers had in grade school. The plastic covers are sturdy, as is the double ring binding and elastic strap. The paper’s good too, and easily stood up to the pens I tried (other than the Sharpie of course… I have yet to find notebook/journal paper that can stand up to them) with no bleeding or smearing. Definitely a win from At-A-Glance!