Y’know how I mentioned how much I like coming home to surprises in my mailbox (the good kind mind you)? Well, imagine my surprise when I found a package from Pentel containing an prize I won in a Twitter contest a while back. I am now the proud owner of a Pentel Tri Eraser!

This nifty little piece of equipment is the newest in Pentel’s line of “mechanical erasers”, a handy companion to any mechanical pencil. The one I received was blue (my favorite color) and white and works remarkably well. The eraser is triangular shaped so that you can use the edges to erase fine sections or use the bulk of the eraser to rub out large mistakes.

So, I decided to test this fine little tool out. I grabbed my newest addition (a Field Notes Brand pencil) and quickly sketched out an “eraser test” as well as a doodle telling my opinion of this fine product from Pentel. So below is my friend Mr. Kilroy holding my opinion, as well as a picture of the eraser after use…

Note: I won this item in a Twitter Contest hosted by Pentel. I am in no way affiliated with Pentel of America nor did I receive any monetary reimbursement for my opinions. All opinions stated are my own.