I must admit that there is no greater pleasure than to open the mailbox and be greeted by something that you’ve ordered and have been anxiously awaiting… It’s almost like Christmas! 🙂 But anyway, back to our topic for today… The other day, I got an e-mail from Field Notes (I’m on their mailing list, even though I’ve never before purchased any of their products) telling me about this awesome deal for that day. For one day only, if you bought anything, at any price, in any quantity from Field Notes or any of their partners, they were going to throw in a free three-pack of their pocket notebooks. So, I quickly ordered myself a package of their pencils and sat down to wait for my package to arrive…  

Several days later, I arrived home and discovered, that I had a plain brown cardboard envelope in my mailbox! On the back lip, right before I opened it, I noticed there was some stamped writing… I quickly tore open the packaging, and found to my delight, not only the pencils I ordered and three promised notebooks, but also a 1 inch button, Coudal sticker, and an “Item No. ‘FN-09’, General-Purpose Band of Rubber”. I had to leave the house very soon after opening this envelope full of joy, so I quickly packed it all back up and placed it in my backpack in order to review it in the next several days. So we come now to the present…  

Enclosed were three Field Notes Brand 3-1/2″ wide x 5-1/2″ tall, 48 page, three staple saddle-stitch bound memo books, one each of plain, graph, and ruled. Each notebook features a thin cardboard cover with the Field Notes logo and information printed in dark black ink. One of the most awesome things about these little notebooks is that they are Made in the USA (something which is becoming more rare with each passing day).  

Note the doodle on the first page of the plain book... Had to test out the paper a little.


 The paper in these books is white and smooth (with sepia lines on the graph and ruled versions) and even stood up relatively well to my sepia Sakura Pigma markers (just a little bit of bleedthrough). Plus on the inside front and back covers are printed spaces for you to put in some information about your notebooks as well as the history of Field Notes… All-in-all, an awesome quality product!      

Now, on to the pencils (the “real reason” for my Field Notes order 😉 )… Field Notes pencils have their information printed right on them:      

These awesome cedar pencils sharpen extremely smoothly (not a splinter to be found) and write like a dream… The lead is a tad bit soft for me, but that’s something I could easily deal with in such an excellent pencil. Plus the smell… 🙂      

I can easily see my self ordering more of these fine products in the future, and I heartily recommend them to you!      

By the way, I’m sure you might be wondering who this little feller’ is:      


While known to many as Mr. Kilroy, I’ve doodled him for years on high school and college chalkboard to different daily doodles. So, don’t be surprised is he happens to show his face around Pens’n’Paper more often…