Pen #65.
Pentel Slicci Gel Multi-Pen 0.4mm and 0.4mm – Blue-Black, Golden Orange, and Red.

Sorry about the pause in between reviews guys (I actually was alerted to the fact that it had been a while by Dan’s comment on the Noodler’s post)… I took a bit of a Sabbatical from work and everything for a while, and I just kinda decided to take a break from blogging for a bit too…

Here we have another one of the pens from my last JetPens purchase. While I wasn’t particularly impressed with the last Slicci I reviewed, I must admit that these fulfill my expectations much better. The pen barrel itself is actually a little uncomfortable, since it features no type of grip other than the gnurled plastic, and the body style is thicker than that which I normally use, causing my hand to tend to cramp.

The ink refills, however, are amazing… The 0.3mm red and 0.4mm black-blue and golden orange lay down a thin, yet vibrant ink line and are relatively smooth for such fine tips. I must admit that I am rather impressed with these, and there is a distinc possibility I may buy some more refills for this pen in the future…

41/45 = 4.5/5