Pen #64.
Noodler’s Piston-Fill Fountain Pen, Classic #2 Nib w/ Noodler’s Bulletproof Lexington Grey Ink

Thank to Booker over at Note Booker, Esq., I am now the proud owner of a Noodler’s Piston-Fill fountain pen. Up until now, my only experience with fountain pens have been several disposables, two cartridge style, and one “modded” eye-dropper. With this piston-fill style fountain pen, I enter a new age of understanding and knowledge… Wait, who am I kidding? This thing is a breeze and a joy to fill and use! 🙂

From the moment I opened the envelope this fine writing instrument traveled to me in, I was impressed… The pens design is simple and straightforward, yet has a classy and refined look at the same time. Booker had painstakingly wrapped the pen and had disassembled and folded the original box (thereby making sure that it wasn’t creased or dented during shipping), and I must admit the first thing I did was to unfold and reassemble the box and place the pen inside, in its rightful place… Also included was a vial of Noodler’s Bulletproof Lexington Grey ink; but we’ll talk more about that momentarily…

The Noodler’s fountain pen is the first pen developed by Noodler’s, a company famous for their variety of inks as well as their bulletproof and freeze proof qualities. The pen features a screw-on cap, stainless steel #2 medium/fine nib with the company name engraved on it (the clip on the cap also featured the company name engraving), and a visible ink reservoir (8 evenly spaced semi-transparent slits). The Noodler’s fountain pen fills using a piston aerometric system, in which you unscrew and then screw back in the end of the barrel while submerging the tip in ink to fill the reservoir. After I had filled it for the first time, it took a lot of willpower not to sit back, look at it, and say, “That was easy…”. The only qualm I have with the pen itself is that the nib is a bit more broad than I’m used to, but that’s something I can probably adjust to with time…

Now for the ink… As I mentioned before, along with my Noodler’s fountain pen, Booker was kind enough to supply me with a vial of Noodler’s Bulletproof Lexington Grey ink. This ink truly is (IMHO) awesome! I used it to fill the pen and write the review, and I must say that it is one of the better inks I have used thus far (although as I mentioned before, my experience remains limited to certain cartridges and a couple different inks). The Lexington Grey is a very refined color, and I must admit that look forward to using all the ink that Booker sent to me… I definitely will plan on purchasing some more Noodler’s and perhaps other inks in the future.

48/55 = 4.4/5