Pen #62.
Uni-Ball Signo RT 0.7mm Gel Pen – Black

Honestly, I must admit that the Signo RT easily makes it onto my “Most Favorite Pens” list. Available in 0.7mm and 0.38mm (at least in most US office supply stores), the Signo RT is a staple pen in my daily arsenal.

The Signo RT features a slim body style with an extremely comfortable foam rubber grip (not too thick, not too thin, but just right). Being a college student, taking notes is not a perogative but a requirement, and these pens are a necessity for anyone writing for long periods of time.

The ink flow is extremely smooth (not unexpected, since Uni-Ball has perfected their line of gel pens, including the 207 series of smooth-writing gels with “Super-Ink”), and there is literally no skipping or scratching… At all… Even with a gel pen, that is almost an unheard of experience.

I heartily reccomend this pen as a beginning to a pen obsession… If you don’t own one yet, go buy one… Now… πŸ™‚

NOTE: Also, discovered the other day that if you’re a fan of the 207 Series from Uni-Ball, the ink cartridges are the same size, so if you’re like me and prefer the Signo RT body style, you can swap them out easily!

49/50 = 4.9/5