Pen #61.
Staples Brand Delta Elite 0.7mm Retractable Gel Pen – Black 

Another one of my recent Staples grabs, I decided that perhaps picking up a store-brand pen might be worth a try… I’m usually pretty leery of store-brand pens, since they seem to be relatively low quality, but I must admit that the Delta Elite performs almost as well as some top-line gel pens. 

The Delta Elite came in a two-pack (blue and gray) and features a transparent barrel with a blue background (paper perhaps? I didn’t really feel like totally deconstructing the pen). The grip is slightly triangular in shape and thin, but still generally comfortable. My main beef with this pen is the fact that it’s a little bulky. I’m more of a fan of thinner pens (think the Uni Style Fit single body “chopstick”), cause the larger ones seem to cause my hands to cramp up more quickly. Still, a rather decent pen for the money… 

40/50 = 4/5