Pen #60.
Pentel Hyper-G 0.7mm Retractable Gel Pen – Black, Blue, Red, Violet

So, another Pentel review… I’m not sure what it is, but I seem to have a lot of Pentel pens lying around. Not that they’re my favorites, but simply cause they seem to be the ones I find most often on sale. I picked these up at my local Staples and decided to give them a try.

In this four-pack assortment came a black, blue, red, and violet pen. I immediately passed the violet on to my girlfriend (who has a nice start on a collection of violet and pink pens), since it was really just another ink color and kept the other three to review. The ink in these gels is dark and dries pretty quickly, and the ink flow is very smooth with very little skip and scratch.

While I love the grip (don’t know if the pictures do it justice), with all it’s contours and comfort, there’s one thing that just about ruins it for me… From the edge of the barrel tip extending on up to just above the lip of the grip is a plastic ridge about 1/8″ high, making it hard to hold the pen in any position but the one obviously “designed”. Definitely a turn-off for me, since I’m left-handed and tend to hold my pens differently…

40/45 = 4.4/5

The Offending “Ridge”