Pen #59.
Pentel Rolly C4 0.7mm Ballpoint Multi-Pen – Black, Blue, Red, and Green 

As I was picking out some free stuff from Staples (gotta love Reward programs), I noticed the Rolly C4 hanging on the shelf. Well, I hadn’t ever seen it before, so I assumed it was a new item that they had just started carrying. So, of course, I picked one up… 

The Pentel Rolly C4 features four different ballpoint ink colors (black, blue, red, and green) and it’s 0.7mm tips write relatively smoothly, albeit a little light for my taste. The ink also wasn’t very dark (if you’ll look at the review form you’ll notice you can hardly even see the green at all). 

My main problem with this pen was design. The grip ends suddenly (with a cliffhanger edge) instead of tapering to meet the tip of the barrel. Also, the mechanics don’t seem very sturdy. While I was writing with selected tip, if I pressed down very hard (almost a necessity with a ballpoint) the ink cartridge would flex and bend inside the barrel, causing weird writing angles, wrist strain, and scratching…


Final Score: 36/50 = 3.6/5