Pen: Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen – Black
Ink: Parker Quink Black-Blue(Although it could just be black, still not truly sure)

Well, I finally ran out of ink in my Preppy and didn’t have a refill cartridge, so I decided to take the advice of a recent commenter on one of my posts (Claire from Springfield). So, I got some silicone grease from work and went to town on the threads.

I had a bottle of Parker Quink ink that I received from my girlfriend as a random gift… Let me tell you, nothing helps more in this world than to have someone who not only loves you, but is willing to put up with and even support your hobbies… But, back to the subject at hand… I took said ink (which I still haven’t decided whether it’s black or blue-black, perhaps a connosieur might be able to help in this regard?) and filled the barrel of the Preppy. I cleaned the nib and reservoir properly of the ink from the last cartridge, and then carefully put the pen back together. After several minutes of being upside down, the ink began to flow freely from the nib. I am now the owner of a “modded” Preppy “Eye-Dropper” fountain pen…

Got any more ideas, questions, comments? Post ’em below… 🙂