Pen #56.
Pilot Frixion Color-Pencil-Like 0.7mm Erasable Gel Pen – Tawny Brown

Another one of my recent JetPens purchases, I grabbed this pen because I love the Frixion erasable line and because I love brown pens (possibly because they’re a wee bit rare). Since the writing quality of the pen is technically the same as the 0.7mm Ball version I reviewed a couple weeks ago, I really don’t have much to add to my last review, other than the fact that I love the brown ink. JetPens also has one in Tea Brown, and I’m considering adding it to my collection when I place my next order.

As for the aesthetics, the Color-Pencil-Like style doesn’t have a clip, and is comprised of only 4 pieces. It’s not refillable like the Ball version is, but they also made on design difference that really stands out. They put the eraser on top of the cap! In doing this, they solved the main problem that plagues Frixion users (and which has probably caused many to move to the Uni Fanthom series). Another excellent choice from

5 out of 5 stars!