Pens #47.
Pilot Frixion ball 0.7mm Erasable Gel Pens – Black, Blue, and Red

A while back, I purchased a Pilot Frixion Point 04 from JetPens and enjoyed it very much (until for some strange reason the tip broke, although it lasted me a very long time)… So, I decided to give the original 0.7mm version another try. As I also mentioned in the last review, I had tried these before and didn’t really like them, but I must say that my opinion definitely has changed.

The Pilot Frixion ball line sports a new look, featuring a solid color body, which matches the ink color, decorated with a silver swirling, flame-like pattern, which while busy is still pleasing to the eye. As with the Frixion Point 04, the “frixion rubber eraser” is still placed at the end of the barrel (which puts it under the cap while the pen is in use), which is still a bit of a design flaw, but one that I can live with.

The ink flows ten times better than the Frixions I remember from several years ago, and while still light when compared to pens such as the Zebra Sarasa, you really can’t beat the quality for an erasable pen. The ink in these pens are thermosensitive as well, so don’t forget that if you leave your writing out in the sun or any particularly warm place (a hot car will actually do it) it will disappear (although sticking it in a freezer for a bit will make it re-appear)…

I must say that I was very pleased with my purchase this time (3 pens, 1 of each color, for $5.69 at my local Staples) and that I probably will keep these on my list of favorite pens for a long time in the future…

5 out of 5 stars!