Pens #44.
Sanford Sharpie Ultra Fine Point – 12 + 1 Colors

Sharpies… Need I say more…?

Guess I do then… Well, what can you say about Sharpies? Great for signs, artwork, and almost anything else imaginable… Except for writing on everyday paper. At this task, Sharpies fail immensely. As you can see on my paper tests, every Sharpie, be it the ultra fine point or the regular size, bleeds through the paper horribly. Now, if you’re using them on carrdstock, great; drawing paper, ok; posterboard, excellent; but regular paper, not good. For this post, I wrote on a piece of bright cardstock (which the Sharpies did not bleed through)… I do have to say that I love the ultra fine point Sharpies when it comes to drawing/sketching… Never on regular paper though…

Cardstock, Posterboard, Drawing Paper: 5 out of 5 stars!
Regular Paper: 2 out of 5 stars…