Pens #42.
Uni-ball Signo 207 Medium 0.7mm Gel Pens – 8 Colors

I had sworn these off a while back due to some I had purchased that didn’t work so well, but since I had a coupon for a ridiculous amount off, I decided to go ahead and give them another try… Apparently, in the the time that has passed, Uni-ball has managed to improve their design and figure out what went wrong.

The Uni-ball Signo 207 line touts the fact that “Uni’s Super Ink” helps prevent check fraud. While I (thankfully) have never had the occasion to test this theory, we will just assume that they’re not lying and that this ink will not come out, even if your check is washed…

Well, the set I purchased consisted of eight of the 0.7mm Signo 207’s, one each in black, blue, light blue, green, red, orange, pink, and violet… I like the way that Uni-ball changed the colors from the dull black to the black/white/tranparent colors combination they used on these. It’s easy to see which color you’re going to pick up. The ink rolls out of the pen smoothly and most of the colors lay down a thick, dark line (other than the lighter colors, which seem to have a bit of “transparency” to them. The grip features a pattern of raised bumps, making for an excellent gripping surface as well.

I must say that these are definitely an improvement to the last set of these I bought!

5 out of 5 stars!