Pen #40.
Pilot Petit1 Fine Mini
Fountain Pen – Blue

I actually bought this pen in my first order from, and I sadly have not yet reviewed it. This was mainly due to the fact that it mysteriously disappeared for several months, then reappeared once again (FYI, I have three siblings and they enjoy “borrowing” my writing utensils and “forgetting to return them”). So, here, finally is my opinion (which put with 1.04 might buy you a cup of coffee) of this fine little pen…

First, the design… How can you not like something as compact as this pen? Measuring in at 4″ capped, 3-1/2″ un-capped, and 5″ with the cap on top, this little pen makes the most of the space given. Kudos to Pilot for designing this pen to have the full functionality, as well as the same size ink cartridge, of a normal fountain pen, yet at half the size and using half of the materials! Everything about this mini-pen screams of good design.

Secondly, the ink… The Pilot Petit1 uses a special ink cartridge (due to the small size and rounded end of the barrel). I bought the blue version, and I must say that it lays down ink beautifully on the page, and unlike some other fountain inks, it doesn’t fade very much as it dries. The Pilot Petit1 comes with a Pilot (Fine) tip, which I would consider decently stiff, and it write very well whether you’re a slow writer or a fast jotter.

Third, The writing experience… While some would think that such a small pen would be uncomfortable to use, I actually find that when the cap is posted on top, this pen sits just right in my hand. I have absolutely no complaints in how this pen writes, and I would recommend it to anyone who would like a compact fountain pen.

5 out of 5 stars!