Pen #37.
Uni-ball Fanthom 0.5mm Orange Erasable Gel Pen

While I really hadn’t planned on reviewing this pen today, when I saw that Dowdyism over at had reviewed the black, blue, and red versions, I knew I had to throw in a review of the orange version I just got from JetPens!

The Uni-ball Fanthom is basically a copy-cat of the Pilot Frixion line (although, having used both in the past couple months, I believe that the Fanthom may be the better of the two). One major difference (and something that Pilot should definitely consider in hindsight) is the fact that Uni-ball decided to make the whole cap their “friction eraser”, rather than the tip of the barrel (which with the Pilot Frixion is always hidden under the cap).

This Fanthom writes very smoothly, laying down a nice line of light orange ink (a little too light for my tastes, but again, this seems to be an issue with erasable pens). However, since this is friction/thermo-sensitive ink, I don’t really have any complaints. The one thing that I do have against this pen is that it seems to have a little bit of a “warm-up time”, in which the ink doesn’t quite come out as smoothly as it should. After a moment or two of writing, though, it flows very smoothly and it’s not really an issue any more… Side Note: If you want to have fun with these, as well as the Frixion line, write down a message on a sheet of paper, “erase” it, then send it to a friend and tell them to stick it in the freezer… Voila, secret messages, the adult way!

One of the things that first got me about this pen is the fact that there is no grip to hold on to, but then I noticed that on the plastic of the barrel, there are a set of holes/dimples drilled, which provide just enough surface for my fingers to hold on to and keep them from slipping. Another thing is that, at this time, the only refills offered on JetPens are black, blue, and red, meaning that if I wanted another orange, I’d have to buy the whole pen, not just the refill…

Overall, this is another good pen from Uni-ball and Jetpens, and I may purchase the black, blue, and red ones as well after reading Dowdyism’s review…

4.5 out of 5 stars!