Pen #30.
Papermate gel 0.7mm Gel Pen

Well, I’ve gotta say that these are some of the most awesome gel pens that I’ve found on my local store shelves in a while. Grabbed these at Office Max the other day thinking, “Well, they can’t be any worse than the Tul I got a while back…”, and needless to say, they were ten times better than the Tul. Featuring a transparent plastic barrel (visible ink supply) and grip which match the ink color of the pen, these fine instruments truly are the embodiment of the gel pen. These gels lay down a nice thick 0.7mm line of ink in their respective colors (both the red and violet were brighter than the blue and black), and were extremely smooth, with absolutely no scratching. I do believe that these pens are some of my new favorites (and rank up there with the Zebra Sarasa line)!

5 out of 5 stars!

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