Pen #25.
Marvy Le Pen

When I was in Books-a-Million the other day, picking up some Moleskine notebooks, I happened to notice a display for the “Le Pen” near the register. The display claimed that the “Le Pen” was great to use any time you needed a fine line. Well in my experience, and as you can see in this review, the “Le Pen” doesn’t lay down that fine of a line, but is more easily compared to an extra-fine Sharpie or Papermate Flair (with bleed-through almost as bad or even worse at times). Other than my displeasure at the fact that it’s not all that fine and bleeds a lot, the “Le Pen” is not all that bad. The pen writes very smoothly and again is best compared to the Flair. I will admit that the design of the “Le Pen” did catch my attention. I kind of like the thin, no-frills, no-nonsense look of the pen. Again, not very good for fine underlinin/writing, but if you ever need to underline something or scribble in the margins of a double-spaced report, the Marvy “Le Pen” from Japan might just do the trick.

3 out of 5 stars…