Pen #23.
Uniball Signo bit 0.38mm Gel Pen

Claiming to be some of the world’s finest writing pens, the Uniball Signo “bit” series seems to truly live up to the claim (with the smallest tipsize being 0.18mm, small enough to write on a grain of rice!). I had used the standard 0.7mm size of this pen before, so when I saw that JetPens had the finer points, I knew I just had to give one a try. The pen is pretty comfortable to write with, and has a combination grip of gnurled plastic and rubber. The Signo “bits” are also refillable. One thing that I dislike about this pen is that you have to write while holding the pen relatively vertical, else all that happens is that you scratch the paper with the side of the metal needlepoint (due to the ball being so tiny). Others who have purchased these also mention that the tips break/bend easily, but I have yet to see either occur. Once again, an excellent pick from

5 out of 5 stars!