Pen #20.
Zebra Jimnie Gel Rollerball Medium (1.0mm?)

What’s this!? A zebra pen that I am not acquainted with? Well, we shall soon rectify the situation. Picked up this interesting member of the Zebra family (along with a 1.6mm Zebra Tapli ballpoint) at my college bookstore. Both pens write with a bolder line than I prefer, but I thought I’d at least give them a try. I’m going to assume that these are the Bic Cristal (low-cost) of the Zebra product lines. While most gel pens are known for their smooth writing, I had to use the same amount of pressure that I usually would with a ballpoint. Another downside, the scratchiness… The whole time I was writing, I thought I was using a dollar-store ballpoint. The pen does lay down a bold, dark line though. Who knows, maybe I just got a bad pen. Sorry Zebra, better luck next time.

2 out of 5 stars…