Pen #15.
Pentel Energel Alloy RT 0.7mm

A month or so ago, I purchased a Zebra F-701 stainless steel ballpoint, and have enjoyed it immensely. When I found out that Pentel had put out a stainless (alloy) EnerGel, I knew I’d need to get one and try it out. Unlike my other EnerGel experiences, I’ll have to say that this one was a wee bit of a disappointment. First, it’s bulky (an 1/2″ longer and almost one and a half times as thick as the F-701). Secondly, it doesn’t feel as sturdy. The ink cartridge seems to bounce a bit when you’re writing (perhaps the spring in mine is not wound tightly enough or something). Several things save this pen though. It uses the excellent EnerGel ink, which dries quickly and is very smooth to write with. Also, even though it is bulkier than most pens I usually use, it’s still pretty comfortable to write with, and seems pretty sturdy (always a plus when you work in an industrial capacity).

3.5 out of 5 stars…