Random Review:
Quill Brand “Hype!” Highlighters
Well, someone at work handed me these the other day (I think they came in a sample pack of products sent to us or something like that) and said that since he knew I liked to review things, maybe I could give these a try and give my opinion on them.

I haven’t reviewed highlighters before, so I wasn’t really sure how to test them, so… When the rubber met the road, I decided to just write with all the different pens/pencils I had handy and see how they affected each of them. As you can see in the following picture, I was happened to have a gel pen, rollerball, ballpoint, and a pencil handy.

As you can see (if you enlarge the picture), the highlighters smeared the gel pen a bit, even though I waited a moment for the ink to dry. They did slightly better with the blue rollerball and the ballpoint, but then they lost when it came to the pencil. While the blue seemed ok (meaning you could still read what was written), the yellow, green, purple, and pink seemed to smear and almost erase what was written. Decent, but not quite up to snuff…
2 out of 5 stars…