Pen #14.
Pilot Choose 0.5mm Gel Pen (Green + Blue)

Along with my ballpoint purchase at, I also picked up a couple of these Pilot Choose 0.5mm Gel pens with my last order. I will be the first to admit that I enjoy the simplistic design, and the teardrop-shaped cap/clip is an innovative touch. There is one thing about these pens that I am not a fan of, however. When you first write with them (after having left them capped/ not writing with them for more than an hour) they tend to deposit a “glob” of ink on the paper and then write thinly for the next 10 strokes or so. As any left-hander knows, a “glob” of ink on your paper is a disaster waiting to happen, and I like my pens to write strong froms tart to finish, rather than having to “warm-up”. Other than those two gripes, the Choose is a decent pen. They do lay down a 0.5mm line as advertised and write smoothly without too much skipping.

3 out of 5 stars…