Pen #12.
Morning Glory Mach Pen II 0.4mm

As I mentioned in my review of the Ohto Pieni needle-point, my last order from JetPens was slightly out of the ordinary. While I had been planning on picking up a pen case and a couple gel pens, I ended up also picking up a couple ballpoints and this rollerball. While JetPens focuses mainly on items from China and Japan, this Mach Pen II, manufactured in Korea, is one of the exceptions. My main issue with rollerball pens is their annoying tendency to bleed through if you happen to leave the tip on the paper while thinking what to write next. The Mach II still has this tendency (although I believe it’s reduced by the fine tip). Although there is a slight scratchy feeling when writing, it’s more of a pleasant “the pen is touching the paper and applying ink” scratch than the annoying “this pen catches on every fiber in the paper” scratch. Another great pick from JetPens.

4 out of 5 stars!