Pen #4.
Zebra G-301 Stainless Steel Gel Pen

Zebra is quickly becoming one of my favorite pen manufacturers for several reasons. One of these is construction. I mean, how many other manufacturers make a pen that has only three plastic pieces on the body (grip, top, and a small disc on top of the push button) and then makes the rest of the pen out of stainless steel? The pen delivers ink in a fine 0.7mm line, and writes very smoothly. Since I received my first Zebra several years ago – a telescoping stainless steel ballpoint – I’ve kept my eyes peeled for others. Having already purchased some stainless steel ballpoints and a mechanical pencil, I was just waiting for Zebra to add a new addition to the family. My one gripe is that the grip is made of molded plastic rather than rubber. My fingers tend to slip down it as I write and I have to adjust my grip. Other than that, an excellent pen.

4.5 Stars out of 5