Now I know you’re wondering, “What kind of person would start up a blog called “Pens’n’Paper” and what in the world could a blog like this be about?”

Well, to be totally honest, this is a blog written by a lover of all things pen and paper (and sometimes even pencils). And who might this “lover of all things pen and paper” be? That would be me, and my name is Chris.

Like many high school and college students, I have gone through and emptied my share of pens and notebooks, and throughout the years I have also noticed that my tastes in office supplies have changed and become more refined (at least in my opinion anyhow). I’ve also come to realize that I purchase a huge number of pens just to sample and see how I like them and to compare them to my current favorite of the day.

Not to be outdone by my love of pens, my love of paper is also an endless pursuit. Moleskin, Picadilly, Strathford, offbrand; you name it, I’ve probably tried it at least once.

So, this is a blog about the continuing story of my life, as seen through the eyes of the many pens, papers, and even pencils that I’ve owned, and will own, through the years.

Happy Reading!