Pen #2.

Platinum Preppy 03 Fine Fountain Pen

While most people enjoy writing with a rollerball or ballpoint pen, nothing truly can compare with the pleasure of writing with a fountain pen. The Platinum Preppy lives up to expectation in more than one area, including smooth ink delivery, comfort, and bold, quick-drying ink (perfect for us lefties). The one thing that would improve the overall look of the pen is to remove some of the writing on the barrell. Imported from Japan, the barrell is covered in Kanji character, which I cannot read. This pen is available from JetPens [more on that in a bit], and can be purchased with either a medium (05) or fine (03) nib. The preppy also comes in  a wide range of [ink] colors, including Black, Blue Black, Green, Red, Yellow, Pink, and Purple, with barrells and nibs that match the ink color.

5 Stars for the Platinum Preppy!
Closeup of Pen
Closeup of 03 Fine nib

As I mentioned before, the Platinum Preppy ($3.00) and ink refills ($1.50) (along with hundreds of other Japanese pens and other office supplies) can be purchased from Jet Pens. They offer a wide range of items, from fountain pens and brush pens to pencils, pencil cases, stationary, and staplers. They also offer free shipping on any order over $25 (and believe me, with all the cool stuff they have available, it’s extremely easy to reach the $25 dollar mark, even though things are not that expensive).